The Connection Between School Cleanliness and Student Well-Being

Posted by ServiceMaster on April 27, 2023

When we think about the factors that contribute to student success and well-being, we often think of things like high-quality equipment, an engaging curriculum and supportive teachers. However, one important factor that often goes overlooked is school cleanliness. 

In this blog post, we will explore the connection between school cleanliness and student well-being, and why it is important to choose a professional school cleaning company to keep your school clean and hygienic.   

What are The Benefits of Regular School Cleaning?

There are several benefits of regular school cleaning that can contribute to student well-being, including… 

1. Health and safety

A clean school environment is more hygienic, which can help to prevent the spread of illness. When students are healthy, they are more likely to attend school regularly and perform better academically. This also helps to minimise how often teachers need to take sick days.Regular cleaning can also help to reduce allergens and irritants that can trigger asthma and other respiratory problems. 

Our “Capture and Removal” vacuuming system improves air quality making it easier for students with these conditions to attend school and participate fully in classroom activities, promoting well-being among students.

2. Student performance 

The cleanliness of the school environment can also have a direct impact on student performance. Students in clean classrooms tend to perform better on tests and other academic tasks as a clean environment can reduce distractions and help students to stay focused. 

In addition, a clean learning environment maintained by professional school cleaners can help to promote positive attitudes toward learning. When students feel that their school is a clean and inviting place, they are more likely to be motivated to learn and engage in classroom activities.

3. Student behaviour 

School cleanliness can also have an impact on student behaviour and the attitudes students have at school. A clean school can promote positive behaviour among students, such as respect for property and a sense of responsibility for their surroundings. 
On the other hand, a dirty or disorganized school caused by inferior school cleaning services can contribute to negative behaviour, such as littering, vandalism and a lack of respect for school property, which can have a negative effect on the well-being of students. By keeping the environment clean and well-maintained with professional cleaning services, schools can help to promote 

a stronger sense of community among students and encourage good behaviour. 

Why Should You Choose a Professional School Cleaning Company? 

While regular cleaning is important, e.g., asking students to clean up after themselves after their lunch, it is also important to choose a professional school cleaning company to provide regular cleaning services to ensure the school maintains high standards of cleanliness. A professional cleaning company, like ServiceMaster, will have the experience and expertise needed to thoroughly clean and sanitize all areas of the school, including classrooms, restrooms and common areas. 
In addition, a professional cleaning company will use safe and effective cleaning products that are designed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and other health problems. This can help to ensure that students and staff are safe and healthy while at school. At Service Master Manchester, we are also committed to using natural, non-toxic & environmentally friendly cleaning products where possible helps to support a clean and safe learning environment, reducing absenteeism caused by respiratory illnesses. 

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Contact ServiceMaster today and you can have peace of mind that your school is clean, healthy, and inviting for students and staff alike, supporting their well-being. If you are interested in learning more about our commercial cleaning services, get in touch with our friendly team today to schedule a consultation. 

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