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Elevate your business's cleanliness and safety standards with our comprehensive High-Level Cleaning Services in Manchester.
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At ServiceMaster Manchester, we specialise in high-level cleaning services designed to enhance and protect your office or industrial premises. We understand that maintaining the appearance and functionality of your business property is essential. Our commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency ensures your property remains in pristine condition.

Cutting-edge technology and Expertise

Our highly experienced team employs the latest in high-level cleaning technology, delivering exceptional results. We utilise specialised equipment, including Truck Mounted Access Platforms, scissor lifts, and Teupen Leo machines. These advanced machines are perfect for high-level internal cleaning and maintenance, ensuring access issues are never a problem. All Teupen models can fit through standard doors, and their tracked wheels protect delicate and fragile floors.

High-Level Cleaning Expertise 

Our capabilities extend to high-level cleaning, where we employ a variety of specialised equipment. Our team includes IPAF-trained operatives who operate Truck Mounted Access Platforms, scissor lifts, and Teupen Leo machines. These advanced machines are perfect for high-level internal cleaning and maintenance. Equipped with tracked wheels to protect delicate and fragile floors, all Teupen models can fit through standard doors, ensuring access issues are never a problem.

  • Internal High-Level Cleaning:
    Our team specialises in cleaning hard-to-reach areas within your facility. We utilise advanced equipment such as scissor lifts, Teupen Leo machines, and Truck Mounted Access Platforms to access heights and angles that are typically challenging to clean. This ensures that every nook and cranny of your interior space is free from dust, dirt, and debris.
  • External High-Level Cleaning:
    The exterior of your building is the first impression your business makes on clients and visitors. Our external high-level cleaning services focus on cleaning and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your building's facade. We use high-power jet washing to remove grime, mould, and stains from the exterior surfaces, leaving your property looking fresh and inviting.
  • Atrium Cleaning:
    Atriums and glass ceilings can accumulate dust and dirt over time, affecting the overall appearance of your space. Our experts are skilled in cleaning and maintaining atriums and glass surfaces, ensuring they remain crystal clear and free from obstructions.
  • Ceiling and Vent Cleaning:
    Proper maintenance of ceilings and vents is essential for indoor air quality and fire safety. Our team is trained to clean and inspect these areas, removing dust, debris, and potential fire hazards.
  • High-Level Machinery Cleaning:
    If your facility includes high-level machinery, our cleaning services can help ensure these machines function optimally. We have the equipment and expertise to clean machinery in hard-to-reach locations, promoting efficiency and safety.
  • Warehouse and Factory Cleaning:
    Industrial spaces often have high ceilings and hard-to-reach areas that require specialised cleaning. We are well-equipped to handle warehouse and factory cleaning, maintaining a safe and productive environment for your operations.


High-Level Cleaning for Comercial Properties 

No matter the type of high-level cleaning your business requires, ServiceMaster Manchester has the knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional results. Elevate your business's image and maintain a clean and safe environment with our comprehensive high-level cleaning services.

Contact us today to discuss your specific high-level cleaning needs and schedule a consultation to experience the difference our professional cleaning services can make for your business.

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