Maximising the Lifespan of Your Carpets With Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Posted by ServiceMaster on June 26, 2023

Professional spaces often have higher presentation and hygiene standards, making it critical that your business invests in regular carpet cleaning. Whether this is for your office, shop, or another commercial site, your company can see several benefits – including a longer-lasting carpet. Many firms avoid carpet cleaning to save costs but are instead opening themselves to more expenses. In this article, we look at the main reasons you should use a professional service to clean your company’s carpets.

1. Promotes business hygiene

Professional carpet cleaning uses stronger products to remove dirt and allergens in ways which suit your flooring and its unique needs. For example, carpets with food stains usually require a specific solution to guarantee effective removal. A thorough, professional service might even improve the office’s air quality, improving your employees' health (and happiness). Without regular cleaning, deep-seated bacteria could cause sickness and allergies to spread – there can even be problems with mould, which may result in long-term respiratory problems.

2. Cost-effective service

The lifespan of commercial carpeting varies tremendously. Enlisting a professional cleaning service could increase this threefold and save your business a lot of money in the process. An annual deep clean is a lot cheaper over time, especially if your company has a high volume of carpeting. Commercial office and shopfront spaces endure far more foot traffic than residential properties on average – making them vulnerable to contamination as well as general wear and tear.

3. Renewed colour and vibrancy

On top of the practical benefits which your firm could enjoy with a clean carpet, these services can also restore the flooring’s natural colour. Some companies choose full carpet replacements to bring back the vibrancy their business once had, never realising that a deep clean by qualified professionals could give them the same result. A brighter carpet can revitalise your business and create a more consistent aesthetic; a clean look also generally shows that you care about your company and its customers.

4. Matches industry requirements

Internal cleaning teams usually only have access to off-the-shelf cleaning products from local suppliers – these may not be the best fit for your sector. A professional carpet cleaner attunes their services to each client, including any specific contaminants or chemicals which may be trapped in the carpet. Floors rarely have a ‘one size fits all’ solution; only a professional can determine the right approach. This makes it paramount that you trust an experienced company with your carpet cleaning needs.

Commercial carpet cleaning by Service Master

Regular maintenance on your premises of any kind requires the help of a professional service – carpet cleaning is no exception. The practical and aesthetic benefits can improve your carpet’s lifespan significantly and even boost the health of your employees. At Service Master, we help over 200 commercial clients throughout Greater Manchester with regular carpet cleaning across many industries. To learn more about our commercial cleaning services and receive a no-obligation quote, get in touch with us today.

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