Apprentice life at ServiceMaster Contract Services (Manchester): Jonny

Posted by SMCSM on January 20, 2016

“I carry on learning new things every day & continue to take on more and more responsibility”

On September 7th 2015 Jonny started his apprenticeship. After finishing his first year of sixth form, Jonny decided that pursuing an apprenticeship in the business world would also give him the education and experience he wanted.

“I spent the summer looking for Business Administration Apprenticeships and got in touch with a local company called Intraining. I was quickly offered three interviews, ServiceMaster being the last. On my way home I received a call from Intraining who told me I had been offered a trial placement at ServiceMaster. Having not heard back from the other two interviews yet, I knew then that ServiceMaster was a contract cleaning company that valued apprentices from their quick response and I wouldn’t be treated any different from the other employees.

I wasn’t wrong, I was treated just like ‘one of the team’ being thrown in at the deep end, or so I thought. The step from school to the workplace was huge but an enjoyable challenge to take and I was offered a helping hand throughout my training process. Trained in all areas of the company shadowing different members of each department, which allowed me to settle in and build relationships with my co-workers.

Four months on I can safely say that choosing to take an apprenticeship with ServiceMaster Manchester is the best decision I have ever made. I carry on learning new things every day and continue to take on more and more responsibility.

Looking back over my time so far with ServiceMaster, my confidence has grown enormously and my knowledge of the company grows daily. I no longer see myself as a schoolboy but as a young adult. I have matured vastly since leaving school.

From leaving school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future, but now I hope my future is with ServiceMaster, my ambitions developing as I hope to secure full-time employment at the end of my apprenticeship. Shadowing the different areas of the company has allowed me to discover which departments I would like to progress onto. I am drawn towards the Sales Department and helping our Sales Director CJ Micallef. I would also quite like to take a more managerial role, possibly taking responsibility for the next apprentice and helping them with the knowledge I have gained from my own experience.”

At the end of Jonny’s apprenticeship, he hopes to have achieved a high level of his qualification and to have gained a great understanding of ServiceMaster allowing him to become a valuable asset to the company.

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