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The 5 Telltale Signs You Should Start Looking For A New Office Cleaning Company

Posted by ServiceMaster on December 19, 2017

office cleaningAs an office or facilities manager you’ll know as well as anyone the many benefits of a clean and tidy workplace. That when all’s spic and span then you and your team will naturally be healthier, happier and more productive - your clients and visitors comfortable and confident too. The telltale signs of a less than ideal working environment are sometime tough to spot though, and it’s amazing how, little by little, standards can slip without us even noticing. Here are 5 important signs that now might be a good time to look for a new office cleaning company:

  1. Lack of Productivity

The evidence is clear - people are more productive in a clean and tidy workspace. Worse than that even, recent research from the States has revealed that a shoddy working environment can actually have damaging long term psychological effects.

Why put yourselves through the stress when a fresh and pleasant workplace can help you and your team professionally and personally.

If you find yourself clearing up after others, bickering with colleagues over unwashed mugs and unemptied bins you’ll know how stressful it can be if your office cleaner starts to let things slip. Chances are it’ll be you taking up the slack and clearing up.

So take a wander around your office and see if the place is being looked after properly. Your desks? Are they regularly wiped? Dusted? Tidy? Are bins overflowing or emptied daily? Your kitchen? How’s it looking? Clean and well maintained? If not, highlight these to your office cleaning company – they need to sort it out.

  1. Less Than Ideal First Impressions

As the saying goes… you only get one chance to create a good first impression. We all do it. Judge. Judge quickly. Don’t give your clients the opportunity to think any the less of you just because you aren’t putting your best foot forward.

And as well as judging we’re also guilty of developing blindspots when it comes to our own offices or workplaces. We just get used to things as they and what we might once have not tolerated we might just treat as normal.

So take a fresh look. What did you see third morning as you came to work? And it it wasn’t good enough what are you going to do to fix it? Afterall, if you say a mess then don’t think for a minute your clients and your visitors didn’t. What on earth will they be thinking about your business?

Why risk your reputation? If you’re paying an office cleaning company to make sure you’re always looking your best then maybe it’s time to find one as good at their job as you are at yours.

  1. Sick leave

Here’s a grim fact. The average desk has more bacteria than a toilet- 400 times more! Hmmmm… makes you think twice about that lovely lunchtime desk snack doesn’t it? And of course the more bacteria we’re exposed to the more vulnerable we are to sickness.

£29 billion worth of sick days annually in the UK alone, according to accountancy heavyweights PWC.

Mostly unnecessary absences as it doesn’t take too much effort to keep bacteria under control. Just simple things like regularly disinfecting surfaces, fitting accessible hand sanitiser and making sure staff wash their hands can have a dramatic effect on both the bacteria and subsequent sick days that your staff and your company suffer.

Surprising then that so many office cleaning companies fail to put such simple measures in place.

  1. Supplies Shortages

Ever find yourself having to call your cleaning company for replacement toilet paper, soap or hand towels? Pop out to the shops even?

Part and parcel of any commercial cleaning contract you should always be safe in the knowledge that you’re well stocked with essential cleaning items and products.

It’s not your job to put a restock schedule in place - that’s up to your cleaning company. And if they can’t do that efficiently it doesn’t say a great deal for their cleaning abilities.

  1. Inadequate Auditing and Reporting

Any professional office cleaning company will conduct regular inspections to evaluate the quality of the cleaning services being provided. It’s standard.

By understanding exactly who’s doing what, where and to what quality even the most insignificant of issues can be addressed before they have the chance to escalate.

Simple transparency that shows you exactly where your money is going.

Are you receiving adequate reports? Detailed reports? Audits that help ensure your cleaning is managed, measured and being carried out to maximum effect. No? Then insist. And if your insistence yields anything less than satisfactory results then maybe it’s time to take another look at the market.

The right cleaning company for you

Recognise any of the issues above? Think you could be getting a better service? Better value for money? A more attentive cleaning partner?

Then maybe it’s time to explore alternatives.

Easier said than done sometimes so we’ve put together a quick guide. In The Best Way to Change Your Cleaning Provider we cover all you need to know including technology, handover and even TUPE transfers.

Photo by pepe nero on Unsplash

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