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School Cleaning in Manchester?

Posted by ServiceMaster on January 8, 2019


Have you struggled to recruit a private cleaner for your primary or secondary school? Tired of being continually let down? Have you tried contract cleaning before but been disappointed by the results?

Your search is over.

At ServiceMaster we already look after some of the most successful school cleaning contracts in Manchester. Successful school cleaning contracts with a 97% client retention rate. We’d love to show you the many ways that we’re best placed to handle your school cleaning too.

Upholding the Highest Standards of School Cleaning

Every workplace benefits from high standards of hygiene but we understand why schools especially need to be particularly well cleaned.

Superficial, surface deep cleaning leaves your surfaces vulnerable to contamination by viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. As every teacher knows, schoolchildren, especially younger children, are not always the most conscientious when it comes to personal hygiene and bugs can quickly spread around a school.

By ensuring all staff are trained and compliant to international health and safety standards, ServiceMaster minimise infection risks. Hygiene reflected in lower absence rates, more productive lessons and ultimately happier healthier kids earning higher grades.

Extending your Team With ours

At ServiceMaster, we don't just work for you, we work with you. Every one of our school cleaning contracts in Manchester is bespoke because every school has different requirements. From the outset, we will work hard to listen to your staff and understand your priorities. We will design a specific cleaning schedule around your needs and all cleaners will be provided with full details of this schedule and any site security instructions.

Our cleaners are also expected to be proactive and innovative rather than simply task-focused. As an example, they are all First Aid trained and if a child in their vicinity became injured they would know when and how they should act.

All of our cleaners are also NVQ, CIEH and Health & Safety trained.

Still Looking for a School Cleaner?

Some schools believe that employing one person to handle their cleaning will lead to better outcomes. After all, they will have full control over who they decide to hire.

However, contract cleaning offers several advantages over a single staff cleaner. First, no matter how thorough your recruitment process, there is always the risk you employ someone who does not meet the required standards for your school. They may not be hardworking enough or may turn out to be unreliable. Their standards could be below what is expected or they may have a negative attitude to their work or other staff.

Whatever the issue, it can be difficult and expensive to replace a bad hire whereas a contract staff member can be changed or the contract even terminated.

Highly unlikely as it is, that any of our highly trained and professional staff would fail to meet your expectations, you’re better off letting us go to the time, trouble and expense of finding and recruiting high quality staff than by running a recruitment process robust enough to find suitable candidates.

Likewise, contract cleaning protects schools from unforeseen challenges - a cleaner becoming sick for example, or otherwise unable to work. No matter how reliable an individual cleaner is, a team of properly trained employees working for a professional contract cleaning company will have your bases covered. Should a ServiceMaster staff member be unable to work, we’ll simply assign your school another member of staff. As a national company, ServiceMaster has the resources to consistently support all of our staff with top quality training. Whoever steps in to replace an ill or otherwise absent cleaner will be just as competent and conscientious as the person they are replacing.

If you are interested in giving ServiceMaster the chance to demonstrate why 97% of customers stick with our contract cleaning services, please call us on 0161 905 3000.

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