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Office Cleaning

Posted by ServiceMaster on December 6, 2018


Office cleaningWalking into a sparkling clean office is like being greeted with a smile. It shows us that the business we are visiting – whether as a customer, employee or other stakeholder – cares about our experience. It enhances the firm's reputation and gets people spreading the word in the right way.

This is the first thing to understand about your office cleaning schedule: it is a part of your brand identity and leaves those who visit you with a powerful first impression one way or another. If everything about your logo, advertising, website, uniform and staff telephone manner emphasises that your company cares about what it does and pays attention to detail, anyone walking into your premises would feel let down if the workstations, carpets and other surfaces look shabby and neglected. Trust - it’s hard won but easily lost.

The perfect answer is, of course, contract cleaning from a reputable cleaning firm like Servicemaster Manchester. Whatever the size of your business and whatever sector you operate in, we can provide the dedicated cleaning personnel, the cleaning products, the equipment and the elbow grease while you relax and focus on your core business.

But the benefits of professional office cleaning go beyond appearances and brand sentiment. The cleanliness of your office directly impacts on productivity and profitability.

The Importance of Professional Office Cleaning - Some Sobering Statistics

Absence and disorganisation are two of the biggest time thieves business owners have to contend with and both of these problems are made worse in a cluttered, untidy and unhygienic workspace. No business owner sets out to make their staff ill but if you continually neglect your office cleaning that’s inevitably what will happen.

For example, the average employee is absent for nine days a year with 60% of all absences attributable to bugs such as e.coli and staphylococcus picked up from workplace equipment. Hardly surprising when you realise that nearly two-thirds of office workers share computers and devices and there are over 25,000 germs per square inch in a dirty office (with around 7,500 bacteria on the average keyboard).

Viruses, like the flu, can also linger for over 24 hours if they are not dealt with promptly through effective cleaning. Servicemaster are compliant with several stringent environmental and health and safety standards so you can rest assured that your workplace won't just look clean on the surface, it will be healthy and hygienic underneath too.

Moving on to disorganisation: It is more important than you might think to be able to locate documents properly through having tidy and well-organised workstations and filing systems. A study by the International Data Corporation revealed that businesses lost a whopping £1.9 million per year due to the time wasted searching for documents.

Put simply, employees working in hygienic, organised conditions will be far more productive.

More Than 25 Years’ of Office Cleaning Excellence

With cleaning such an integral part of a happy, healthy workplace, it is vital that you choose the right cleaning firm to look after your premises.

Servicemaster have over 25 years' experience, hundreds of clients – including some of the leading businesses in multiple industries – and many more testimonials. In fact, our customer retention rates stand at 97%.

Sustained success hard won through a continual commitment to quality training, effective systems, skilled personnel, best practice techniques and leading technology.

We combine this cleaning expertise with an equally proud track record of looking after our customers. All of our cleaners and associated employees are always courteous and professional, committed to treating every commercial space with dignity and respect.

Maybe that’s why our customers are so quick and so keen to compliment our office cleaning and why Servicemaster Manchester plays such an important role in their happy, healthy workplaces.

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