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Looking for Commercial Cleaning in Manchester?

Posted by ServiceMaster on January 8, 2019

Commercial Cleaning ManchesterHERE’S WHAT YOU SHOULD PRIORITISE

If you are looking for commercial cleaning in Manchester, then here’s some good news.

Your search could well be over - ServiceMaster Manchester your local commercial cleaning specialist with the national reputation and support.

Read on to find out out exactly what companies just like yours should be assessing to make the best commercial cleaning choices. We’ll also show you why ServiceMaster Manchester ticks all of the right boxes.

The Proof is in the Retention Rate

Brilliant marketing doesn't guarantee amazing cleaning. Most of us know this but a slick video and some cherry-picked testimonials can still have a positive impact. Don’t fall for it! We have hundreds of happy customers saying thousands of amazing things about us but the real proof of our exceptional standard of work is in the retention rate.

For every 100 customers we provide commercial cleaning services for, 97 come back for more. Not because they have to. Because they choose to. A source of immense pride for our successful retention it trumps any claims we could make about ourselves. That we’ve maintained a 97% retention rate carrying out commercial cleaning in Manchester for more than 25 years says we must be doing something right!

So our first piece of advice - get real world statistics wherever possible. Data always tells a truer story than unsubstantiated claims.

Standards Matter

service master clean manchesterServiceMaster Manchester is committed to carrying out all of our commercial cleaning work to the highest standards. And we know what those standards are. We are compliant with all the most important quality, environmental and health & safety standards so you can trust that while keeping your staff and customers happy and healthy and your surfaces sparkle we are also protecting the future of our planet.

Evidence shows clearly that a hygienic workplace reduces absenteeism and increased productivity. Put those things together and your commercial cleaning choice could even affect your profits.

Some of the standards that we are signed up to are ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and OHSAS 18001 (safe and healthy workplace).

Investment in Staff

Some cleaning staff will follow orders to a tee and never question what their supervisors and managers ask of them. That may be ideal for some cleaning companies but we prefer to employ people who can think for themselves.

All of our staff are NVQ, CIEH, Health & Safety and First Aid trained. Each has a personal Training Record and each is given security and site instructions, daily job task lists and instructions on equipment storage and maintenance. We empower all our staff to be proactive in their work and encourage open and honest communication throughout the company.

We are also committed to the Living Wage. After all, a properly respected and rewarded staff is a happy and productive staff. Exceptional service, super high standards and exceptional customer service embedded into our offering.

Friendly, professional, helpful and well-mannered staff as standard. Find out for yourself, have a chat.

Before hiring a cleaning company for your commercial cleaning, it’s always sensible talk to the cleaners themselves. Are they happy in their work? Motivated? Organised? Do they inspire confidence?

So to recap, before deciding who you trust with your commercial cleaning in Manchester, find out some reliable statistics about their reputation (e.g. retention rate), check which standards (if any) they hold themselves accountable to and talk to their staff (or at least find out what training they are provided with).

ServiceMaster provide commercial cleaning services for offices, shops, schools and colleges, social housing, health care centres and many more types of premise. For a free quote or to ask us anything else you want to know about ServiceMaster and our commercial cleaning services, please email or call 0161 905 3000. We are happy to carry out a free survey.


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