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Keeping Workplace Surfaces Clean and COVID-secure: How to Use Fogging Sprays and Touchless Sanitisers

Posted by ServiceMaster on June 15, 2021

Getting people back into the workplace is a priority for many employers. We want to welcome clients again and allow employees to generate ideas and motivate each other as they interact. However, we also need to ensure that everyone stays safe and feels comfortable as we return towards normal in the workplace. This is where our new touchless cleaning system options come in and this blog aims to introduce these new efficient Covid cleaning products to you and discusses their benefits.

Why Do We Need to Improve Cleaning and Sanitising Workplace Surfaces?

Whilst cleaning commercial premises has always been a requirement - the Covid-19 virus has meant businesses need to up their game to keep their clients and employees free from infection whilst in the workplace. Intensive infection control cleaning and adopting deep cleaning services isn't necessarily practical or sustainable long term which is why improving regular cleaning and sanitising of surfaces is a better solution.

Workplaces can have all kinds of different surfaces, made of a wide range of different materials. You might be running an office full of computing equipment or have a retail area where you need to show products to your clients. Some areas might only be used by one person, but others will come in contact with many different people during the day. You need commercial cleaning solutions that can thoroughly and efficiently tackle all of the different surfaces in your workplace.

What Are the Options for Cleaning Surfaces in a Workplace?

Basically, there are two approaches for keeping surfaces clean. Firstly, you can clean the surfaces themselves so that people won't pick up any germs when they touch them. Secondly, you can ensure that people's hands are clean before they touch these surfaces, so that they're not adding any germs. The best systems for keeping surfaces will clean will combine these two approaches to minimise the risk of spreading infections. ServiceMaster Manchester has two new products that covers both requirements.

How Do We Maintain Additional Cleaning Requirements Long Term?

Most workplaces will already have had some normal cleaning methods in place to keep surfaces clean and you've probably taken steps to improve them over the last year. It is likely that you've increased the manual cleaning and frequency of cleaning and taken steps to encourage more regular hand-washing.  Adding extra layers of protection on top of your usual cleaning techniques and routines has become the norm. Surfaces and hands need to be sanitised thoroughly to prevent the virus from spreading and avoid cross contamination. Our new products outlined below will help your business handle the extra cleaning requirements long term.

  1. For Surfaces: Handheld Fogging Sprays

The quickest and most thorough option for sanitising surfaces is to use a handheld fogging spray. A spray gun can quickly deliver sanitising spray across all kinds of surfaces, eliminating 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria. The spray guns recommended by ServiceMaster Manchester are filled with Sanimaster 6 disinfectant, which has been proven to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The MIST-IFY handheld spray guns we provide are amazingly easy to use and are suitable for spraying the human body and all kinds of surfaces, including desks, doors, fabrics, and appliances such as phones and computers. Seeing the spray in action before they interact with the surface can be very reassuring for employees and clients. You can also use the spray at the end of the day or as part of your regular cleaning schedule.

  1. For Hands: Touchless Sanitisation Units

We have all become accustomed to using hand sanitiser, especially in the workplace. However, one issue that many people find off-putting is that everyone handles the same sanitiser pump or bottle. A touchless hand sanitiser can make everyone feel more comfortable about keeping their hands clean.

We recommend the MIST-IFY touchless units for any location where people are entering and leaving your business or where they will need to interact with surfaces or equipment. The units have a simple design that won't look out of place in any workplace. You can position them on reception desks, in communal areas, or even use them in work vehicles.

The touchless hand sanitisation unit is activated simply by holding a hand above the sensor. It will release a fine mist of sanitiser that can kill 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses. One bottle of sanitiser will provide about 200 sprays before it needs to be refilled. It is a quick and convenient way to ensure all visitors and employees can keep their hands clean.

Adding the handheld fogging spray and touchless sanitiser to your cleaning routine can make your workplace a safer and more comfortable place for everyone who steps inside.

Introducing touchless cleaning to your workplace

Since sanitisation is something that needs to be done regularly, especially in busier workplaces, finding a quick and convenient way to do it is important. Making the process visible can also be key. When visitors and employees can see the sanitisation process in action, they will feel reassured that you're doing everything you can to keep them safe. When someone sees the surface being cleaned, they'll feel more comfortable using it next.

If you want to add an extra layer of protection as your business opens up this summer, then our touchless cleaning products provide the essential cleaning equipment for the job. ServiceMaster Manchester has plenty of experience keeping all kinds of workplaces clean and safe. When it comes to sanitisation, these are two tools that we highly recommend. To find out more use one of the communication methods below…

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