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The 3 Simple Rules Guaranteed to Deliver World Class Office Cleaning

Posted by ServiceMaster on March 24, 2018

Office Cleaning ManchesterIt’s no secret that the quality of your offices makes a huge impact on staff morale their productivity and of course what your customers think about you. If you’re serious about running a successful business you’ll be serious too about making sure that your offices are as clean and tidy as possible.

Chances are you’ve already gone out to the market and found yourself an office cleaning company to take care of things. You’ve done your research, applied due diligence and put your team in place. Hopefully.

And hopefully you’ve made a wise choice.

Get it right and the benefits are many:

  • Improved employee health
  • A better focused more motivated team
  • Stronger team morale
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Better client first impressions
  • Time wasted sorting out issues of hygiene and cleanliness now spend on more rewarding, more profitable tasks
  • Your bottom line boosted with improved team morale and output

Make the wrong decision and you can find yourself wasting time and money running round chasing up your cleaners to get the job done properly.

The smears, the scuffs, the stains, dust and cobwebs, grotty fridges and overflowing bins conspiring to lower the bar and with it your morale, your confidence and your clients’ opinions of who you are as an organisation and what you have to offer. It’s a bad place to be. And if you’ve ever been there you’ll know how stressful it can all become.

Identifying an exceptional office cleaning company

Isn’t as tough as it sounds. Not if you follow these three simple rules:

Rule number one: You’re only as good as your people

Nothing unusual there. It‘s the same with any business. Your people are the backbone of any organisation and you will live or die by their industry, their commitment and care. That’s why it’s so important they’re looked after, that they’re properly trained, incentivised and paid.

It’s only natural that any commercial office cleaning company employing a progressive, inclusive and fair culture will outperform ones scrimping and saving on important team investment. Commercial cleaning companies spoiling their ships for a hapeth of tar. And of course the better you treat people the longer they want to stay so you end up with more retained talent, a better experienced workforce and the cost savings of not having to continually get on the expensive recruitment merry-go-round.

Who wouldn’t want to employ a cleaning company with smart, happy, well motivated, long term staff?

How well does your office cleaning company look after its employees?

ServiceMaster well?

Rule number two: Service

Your office cleaning company. Does it understand that above anything else they are a service company? That the be all and end all of their raison d’etre is to deliver an exceptional cleaning service?

Sure they need to treat their staff with respect but when all’s said and done it’s you who comes first. Are they bending over backwards to keep those promises they made to win your office cleaning contract? Or have they taken their eye of the ball?

Do they come to you with creative cleaning ideas? Ways they can get the job done better at a lower cost? Do they recommend new technologies? Or suggest new ways to organise staffing or timing? There are bound to be new cleaning insights gained over time. Potential efficiencies. Potential savings. Does your cleaning share them with you?

What about their policies and procedures? What about response guarantees? Or turnaround promises? Or loyalty schemes?

What many commercial cleaning companies fail to realise is that by being open, honest and absolutely client focused not only does the client get a better service, they quickly turn from being just clients into super clients - into advocates.

Rule Number Three: Cost Versus Value

In the same way that it’s probably unwise to go for the lowest price quote, it’s often not the best idea to go for the most expensive. Somewhere between the two lies the optimum ‘cost versus value’ option. A cleaning contract that gets the right job done at the right price. And even more than that at the right price that’s clearly listed and clearly explained. Transparent pricing.

We’ll never be the cheapest. We never want to be. Our continual investment in training, in fair wages and the latest cleaning technology elevates us above the ‘too good to be true’ offerings out there and places us firmly at the front of the driving our cost/value competitiveness curve. It’s a position we’re proud to take and has delighted clients for more than 20 years with consistently high quality work, great communications and unrivalled value.

So there you have it The 3 Simple Rules Guaranteed to Deliver World Class Office Cleaning.

Hardly controversial and not exactly rocket science but you’d be surprised how many commercial cleaning companies fall flat on at least one of the three.

Find our more about how ServiceMaster applies all three essential rules to help you run a happier, healthier and more profitable business.

Photo by Benjamin Child on Unsplash

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